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Create your Website

Domain Registration

Register a domain name ~ the same as your company name or one that reflects the nature of your business ~ the options are endless.

Design & Development

Communicate your business identity to your visitors with a thorough approach to website structure, user-friendly layout, well-written content and consistent corporate branding. Build a cost-effective site using a template-based CMS option such as WordPress, hosted on a Linux server.

SEO & Google Tools

Make sure you are found! Complete your website development with great search engine optimisation ~ good content means good keywords and phrases. Fine tune the technical aspects of your site and track your progress using Google Webmaster Tools.

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Increase your Visibility


Google AdWords - Pay-per-Click Advertising
Google AdSense - Generate income from displaying Google ads on your website
Google Analytics - In depth analysis and statistics on the traffic to your website

Social Media, Email Newsletters and Mobile Messaging

Various digital platforms help to market your website and create the perfect opportunity to communicate with your audience with immediacy and informality. A combination of approaches keeps visitors interested and engaged thereby generating the best results.

Attract visitors today!

Website & Email Hosting

Secure, Reliable Servers

Linux servers in the UK

We provide a comprehensive hosting service ~ Linux servers, located in secure facilities in the UK, boast fire prevention systems, power supply backup generators and daily backups. Very secure email servers offer POP3, SMTP and webmail as well as automatic virus scanning and spam filtering.

Website hosting from R295- per month

PicoScope Automotive Diagnostic Equipment

Garage Lube (Pty) Ltd is the South African importer and distributor of Pico Technology's Automotive Diagnostic Equipment and the VAS NVH Kits. These quality systems are manufactured in the UK to an exceptionally high standard (ISO9001). Products include automotive oscilloscopes, pressure sensors, ignition test probes, test leads, clips, sensors, current clamps and many other useful accessories designed to diagnose a variety of automotive issues.

Plastic Water Tanks

At Big Water Tanks Limited, we proudly manufacture big 30,000 litre plastic water tanks in Auckland, New Zealand. Plastic water tanks are the most cost-effective, easy-to-move and reliable water-storage solution for potable water. They are extremely durable and manufactured from a high-quality base resin, which includes high levels of UV stabilisers.

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About Us


Develec was founded in Cape Town in 1994 and is currently located in Pietermaritzburg. We offer a range of affordable and reliable hi-tech solutions within the IT industry, focusing primarily on web site design, development and hosting. As a value-added service, we also provide general computer support and networking to our many clients.

IT Expansion to include Web Services

When Develec started, more than 20 years ago, we concentrated our efforts on the development of customised electronic hardware products and software programmes designed to meet individual customer’s requirements. Since then, we have broadened our services in order to provide our customers with greater choice. Today, we target specific sectors of the IT industry, where we provide small and medium enterprises in South Africa, and the international market, with quality web services including site design and hosting at affordable prices; general computer support and networking; as well as customised software development.

We have a broad, technical knowledge-base with more than 30 years experience. We are ideally placed to solve a wide range of customer concerns. We pride ourselves on prompt, personal service, which is friendly and professional. At Develec, you can communicate directly with the people responsible for providing your web and other IT services; a welcome change from endless telephone queues at impersonal call centres!

Vision, Mission and Ethics

Web Designer & Company Administrator - Sarah Short

Apart from being responsible for the company admin, her primary function is website design and maintenance as well as client liaison. She has recently taken on another role as MD of Garage Lube (Pty) Ltd and is currently involved in actively marketing both companies.

Research & Development - Jeff Frandsen

Jeff is an electronics hardware, firmware, software, web and database developer with many years’ experience.

Jeff is responsible for all the technical aspects of our website and email hosting and currently administers a pair of Centos-based servers, situated in the UK. He set-up and continues to maintain these servers.

His knowledge of database development is extensive and showcases this knowledge.

Skills summary

PHP; WordPress Short Code design; Extensible PostgreSQL Database Design; Secure database function development in SQL and PLPGSQL; Inventory with Currency and Customs; Shopping Cart Design; Ajax and JavaScript; SOAP and XML API; PIC24 Microcontroller Hardware Design; Firmware Development using C; PC software and driver development with database access in C; and bespoke IoT network protocol design.

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